Tuesday, April 29, 2014


While I was looking around for a place to shoot items from my latest sponsor (Deadpool Fashion! Ty btw!) I came across The land of Spaz.  The name says it all, It seems like a very quaint circus town until you delve in.  Fitting into my surroundings, I donned  the new Creepy cargo pants from Banger Island Creations, the Cyanide shirt from Deadpool and to top it off, the Mad Hattery's Fright Night Top Hat.  I quickly learned that all was not as it seemed at this carnival of surprises.  I won't spoil it for you, but be careful...be very careful! 

Top::  Cyanide skull DEADPOOL
Pants::  Creepy Cargo pants Banger Island Creations
Shoes::  Devil boots NoName
Hat:: Fright Night Top Hat The Mad Hattery
Skin:: Eros Wow Skins
Shape:: my own not for sale
Location::  The Land of Spaz


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